The Size of The Update Button on The Google Play Store Increased

A few new multi-device features have been added to the Play Store recently, and more are on the way. The Update button has been made larger thanks to a much smaller Google Play Store change.


The Play Store’s initial rollout of Google’s Material, You was limited to the home screen and newer buttons that debuted in July. The shape changed from slightly rounded rectangles to pills that followed the guidelines.

Taller touch targets result from the Play Store’s recent wider rollout of larger “Update all” and “Update” buttons. This is useful in the latter situation if you have a list of app updates.


This tweak was rolled out via a server-side update.

A Play Store bug that causes the application to crash when you open a listing’s Data safety section may be experienced by some users in the meantime. We have verified that it normally works on most devices using the same account and version 32.8.18-21.


When you click “See details” after the Data safety dropdown has expanded (for apps you’ve already downloaded), the fullscreen page loads temporarily before crashing. Android presents the “Google Play Store keeps stopping” dialog box if you attempt to open it a second time, and it crashes. On, those affected can check the data safety.