The so-called future baby moms would have been tested for DNA to show that their children are half-siblings

Two women who claim that Future has fathered their children have joined forces to prove that Future is the daddy of their babies once and for all.

Eliza Reign, who is currently fighting against Future in a paternity suit, and Cindy Renae were tired of Future denying their children as his own.

The ladies decided to take the case in hand to show some sort of proof that they are telling the truth by testing the DNA of their own children to see if they were related.

Both Eliza and Cindy gave up the results of the DNA test, which in fact appeared to prove that their children are half-siblings, making it all the more likely that Future is the father of their children.

They shared their results on social networks while calling Future in the process. You can see below:

The test results stated: “DNA testing was done to determine siblings’ siblings. Based on the test results obtained from the analysis of the listed DNA loci, the half-sibship probability is 99.999996%. The probability that they share a common biological percentage is 30,462,556 to 1. This siblings probability is calculated by comparing it to an untested and unrelated random individual in the black population (assuming that the previous probability is equal to 0.50).

Eliza has also made jokes about her Instagram story about the whole situation.

“I do not know if my baby is,” explained Eliza.

“I can confirm whoever is also pregnant with @xocindyrenae! Issa Small World, “added Eliza in another article.

The future has not yet responded publicly to the test or to women. The last time we reported, Future asked a judge to dismiss the paternity suit against him by Eliza Reign.

We will certainly keep you updated about updates, roommates,

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