The source spoke about the fate of Egyptian deposits in Lebanese banks

A diplomatic source revealed the fate of Egyptians’ deposits in Lebanese banks, stating that “the status of deposits in Lebanese banks is the same, regardless of the nationality of their holders.”

The diplomatic source explained that the Egyptian embassy in the capital Beirut is working with the Egyptians on a daily basis to provide them with all possible support and assistance, urging any Egyptian in Lebanon who is suffering from problems to contact the Egyptian embassy, ​​where it will provide him with all possible assistance.

The Lebanese prime minister in the interim government, Najib Mikati, called on the Lebanese parliament to hold an emergency session; Discuss the increasing intrusion of depositors into Lebanese banks.

Bassam Mawlawi, interior minister of the Lebanese interim government, also convened an emergency meeting of the Central Internal Security Council to discuss security measures that could be taken after the events on the banks.

Source: Cairo 24