The specter of war reaches Moldova. Huge explosions in Transnistria

TSVTSV television station reported that a series of explosions hit the Ministry of State Security in the capital of the breakaway region of Transdniestria. in Moldova.

The station showed windows and doors of the building smashed. Firefighters intervened on the spot.

Interior ministry officials in the renegade region said unidentified attackers fired on the building with grenade launchers. An image of an abandoned grenade launcher was shown on the spot.

While there were no immediate reports of injuries.

The explosions come after a Russian military commander said Friday that “control of southern Ukraine will provide one via exit in Transnistria, which is witnessing the persecution of the Russian-speaking population. “

summoning the ambassador of Russia

Which led to the summoning of the Russian ambassador in Moldova to protest the declaration and shed light on that forgotten republic, which could be one of Russia’s post-Ukraine ambitions, especially as it is located between Romania and Ukraine, a small country with a population of less than three millions of people, and has been divided for centuries between the major powers, first the Ottomans and Russia, now Europe and Russia.

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American fears

Additionally, US and Ukrainian officials discussed the possibility of Russian President Vladimir Putin extending his military operation from the Donbass region in southeastern Ukraine to neighboring Moldova.

In an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Deputy National Security Advisor John Viner explained that it remains to be seen where the Russians are heading, noting that they are far from cities like Odessa and certainly from Moldova.

He added that the Russian forces “still have a lot to fight and we believe that the Ukrainians will be very effective in repelling them,” according to Politico.

detached region

Transdniestria is a pro-Russian separatist region of Moldova, which borders Ukraine to the southwest.

Moldova, like Ukraine, was part of the Soviet Union until Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev dissolved the sprawling Communist state in 1991.

Furthermore, Transnistria is not recognized by any member state of the United Nations, but has its own political entity, parliament, army and police force.

While Moldova is calling for the region to be included in its territory, in what it considers part of it, while the other party, supported by Russia, asks for recognition as a state.

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