The state imposes fines record to Google and Facebook for this reason!

Google of Alphabet Inc has been hit with a fine record of 150 million euros (170 million dollars) from the privacy supervisory authority, as well as a fine of 60 million euros from the Facebook subsidiary of Meta Platforms, for the in which companies manage cookies.

The CNIL, the French data protection authority, on Thursday issued companies a 3-month notice to provide internet users in France a means to refuse cookies as simple as the current means to accept them, in order to guarantee their freedom of consent.

The CNIL affirmed in a note that in otherwise it would run the risk of imposing an additional daily fine of 100,000 euros, according to “Bloomberg” and seen by “Al”.

The sanctions come after the investigations by the Observatory on compliance by companies with the new rules on cookies, which are used to track the devices inserted in computer of people.

In 2020, the watchdog fined Google 100 million euros and the e-commerce giant Amazon 35 million euros for placing these cookies on computer of people without their consent.

The powers of EU data protection regulators have also increased in significantly since the so-called EU General Data Protection Regulation entered in effective in May 2018, when the law allows data protection authorities for the first time to impose penalties of up to 4% of global annual sales.

However, sanctions have recently been imposed in based on separate rules governing the use of cookies and other trackers online.

For its part, Google said in a statement that “users trust us to respect their right to privacy and maintain their security” and that the company understands its responsibility to protect tale trust and is committed to further changes and to actively work with CNIL in in the light of tale decision pursuant to the electronic privacy legislation of the European Union.

Facebook said it was reviewing the authority’s decision.

“Cookie consent controls give people more control over their data, including a new settings menu on Facebook and Instagram in where people can reconsider and manage their decisions in any time, and we continue to develop and improve these controls. “

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