The subscription of 285 million shares of the UAE “Taaleem” shares has begun

Today, Thursday 10 November 2022, the subscription period for the shares of Taaleem Holding Group in the United Arab Emirates began, offering 285 million shares of the group by increasing its capital, which constitutes 27.54% of its capital.

The shares offered are divided in three segments, one of which reserved for private individuals, to which 10% of the shares offered were assigned, against 88% of professional investors, while 2% was allocated to the segment of qualified employees and parents.

The price range for the shares offered was set between 2.95 and 3 dirhams per share.

The price range will include a total of 254.2 million shares, representing 25.32% of the capital of Taaleem at a price of 2.95 dirhams, and a total of 250 million shares, representing 25% of the capital. of Taaleem at the price of 3 dirhams per share.

The specified period for the first and third tranches (for UAE individual investors, employees and eligible parents) will end on Wednesday, November 16, while the specified period for the second tranche (for professional investors) will end on Thursday, November 17.

The final offer price is expected to be announced on November 18, 2022, and the company’s shares will be listed on the Dubai Financial Market on November 29, 2022.

Taaleem had previously stated that it plans to raise 750 million dirhams (204.21 million dollars) in an initial public offering to expand the network of distinguished schools.

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