The Sudanese army accuses the SPLM of violating the ceasefire

Today, Wednesday, the Sudanese army accused one of the country’s largest armed movements of fueling violence in the state of Western Kordofan and violating a three-year ceasefire agreement, denied by a movement leader.

From Friday they are in clashes between members of the Misseriya and Nuba tribes over a land dispute in the city of Lagawa, which is located near aarea controlled by the North Sudanese People’s Liberation Movement led by Abdelaziz El-Hilu.

Bombing launched from a village

For its part, the United Nations announced that fighting continued on Tuesday and that bombing was launched from nearby mountains.

He added that at least 12 people were killed and another 20 injured on Sunday, as well as the displacement of at least four thousand people. in escape from fire and looting.

the biggest escalation

This is the biggest escalation of tension with the movement controlling the areas of Western Kordofan and Southern Sudan since it signed a ceasefire agreement with the army under former President Omar al-Bashir in 2019.

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The army accused the Northern Sudanese People’s Liberation Movement of firing mortars at Lagawa, wounding two members of the Rapid Support Forces and attacking his soldiers.

Violation of the ceasefire

He stated that “what has happened is a clear violation of the ceasefire agreement and hostilities with the government of Sudan … The armed forces say they will continue to carry out their duties to protect all citizens and face any SPLM attempt in the north to shuffle cards and interfere in favor of any of the social components of the region. “In order to preserve security and peaceful coexistence between all social components without discrimination.

A movement leader denied the allegations, telling Reuters they were unfounded. The SPLM-N previously claimed that the Misseriya militia had attacked Nuba members with the help of the Rapid Support Forces.

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