The Sudanese Empowerment Removal Committee: Going Out to Protect Democracy

On Monday, the Committee for the removal of powers in Sudan called on people to demonstrate to protect the democratic transition and also called for the dismantling of the security and intelligence service.

Muhammad al-Faki, a member of the Sudanese Sovereignty Council and an official spokesperson for the council, said that no one can change the existing political equation, adding: “Our reluctance to confront does not mean that we are not ready for it.”

He also clarified that there must be a political solution, but without any renunciation of rights and responsibilities, noting: “We are the ones who expand participation in power, but it will not be dictated to us by any party”, underlining that responsibility is an important principle and “we are ready to resign”.

The right way

In turn, Wajdi Saleh, a member of the Committee for the Removal of Sudanese Empowerment, said: “We cannot say that we are on the right track unless all pockets of the Bashir regime are dismantled in public institutions.

He also added: “We are against the putschists in the armed forces, all other regular forces and the civil service”, referring to the arrival of delegations from states to support the Committee for the removal of emancipation.

stop fighting

This came after the United Nations mission in the country underlined the importance of maintaining the transitional partnership and stopping verbal exchanges between the civilian and military components.

The head of the mission, on behalf of Volker Peretz, called, after his meeting on Monday, with the member of the Sovereign Council, Muhammad Al-Taishi, to reduce the escalation and resume the dialogue, stressing the need to stop exchanges and accusations between the military and civilians.

It is noteworthy that Sudan witnessed a failed coup attempt by a group of officers on Tuesday before being arrested and sent back for investigation.

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