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The Sudanese opposition presents a draft of the dialogue … and anticipates an imminent agreement


Sudan lives in a state of cautious optimism, with the military and civilian components approaching an imminent agreement that could put an end to the political crisis that the country has been going through since last October.

Identical sources reported that the committee charged by the coalition of forces to declare “freedom and change” had finished preparing a “draft” to end the current crisis, according to the newspaper “Al-Sharq al-Awsat”.

The draft is expected to be agreed at the Alliance Central Council meeting before it is presented to the committee formed by the military component of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, to discuss procedures for restoring the democratic transition.

Search for points of contention

In addition, press sources reported, according to the newspaper, that Shams El-Din Kabbashi, a member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council and representative of “Freedom and Change” lawyer Taha Othman, held a meeting on Monday evening, during which they discussed the points of controversy between the two sides, before giving “freedom and change” to his vision of solution. The crisis to the military component to discuss it.

It was a joint US-Saudi initiative that ended the separation between the main opposition alliance, represented in the Declaration of Freedom and Change Forces, and the military component, and led to the famous “Thursday meeting” between the two parts in homeland of the Saudi ambassador, Ali bin Hassan Jaafar, in his presence, and in the presence of the US State Department’s Deputy Minister for African Affairs Molly V.

An American-Saudi initiative

While the two sides held an informal dialogue session, the Declaration of Freedom and Change Forces said in following that the military side recognized the crisis and indicated its willingness to resolve it, while the US official asked the military to hand over power to civilians, and subordinated the resumption of aid to Sudan with the formation of a credible civilian government.

It is noteworthy that Sudan has been living since last year in a suffocating political crisis between the military and civilian components, exacerbated after the imposition of exceptional measures in the country, including the dissolution of the government and the application of a state of emergency. This prompted the United Nations to seek convergence of views, launching a first round of political dialogue, which was carried out in precedence indirectly in batch, and through a direct dialogue started on the 8th of this month (June 2022) between political parties.

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