The Sudanese set millions of pounds on fire

Thousands of Sudanese have been busy in the last few hours with a video that has spread like wildfire on social mediashowing a man setting millions of pounds on fire.

The video clip on the famous Tik Tok platform showed the Sudanese citizen setting fire to five hundred pound notes, known by the country’s traders as “Hamdok”, named after the outgoing Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdouk. As for the reason, the poor man discovered that he was the victim of a scam, according to reports from the media locals. It turned out that the money he got as a result of a bogus business transaction.

What prompted him to burn it right away, in so that no one else would fall into his trap and savor the bitterness of the cup he himself drank. While activists and followers on social media were divided between a supporter of his behavior, acknowledging his concern that others would not fall into the trap, and an opponent who believed he should have informed the police of the incident, to arrest the perpetrator and bring him to justice to receive his punishment .