The Sultanate of Oman decides to fix vehicle fuel prices until the end of 2023

On Thursday, the Sultan of Oman, Sultan Haitham bin Tariq, directed the stabilization of automotive fuel prices in the country until the end of 2023.

Omani TV said the installment will be at October 2021 prices at most, according to the Arab World News Agency.

Data released by the National Statistics Center of the Sultanate of Oman revealed an 11.9% drop in output from the Sultanate’s refineries at the end of last September. in as fuel (91) production reached 7.054 million barrels, and fuel (95) 9.3 million barrels, while diesel (95) production reached 25.2 million barrels, jet fuel production is dropped to 5.886 million barrels and that of liquefied petroleum gas to 4.537 million barrels.

The data showed that total fuel (91) sales amounted to 5.8 million barrels, and fuel (95) sales totaled 8.2 million barrels. As for aviation fuel, 1.390 million barrels were sold and LPG sales reached more than two million barrels.

It exported 2.7 million barrels of regular fuel (91), 1.2 million barrels of premium fuel (95), 15.3 million barrels of diesel, 4.6 million barrels of jet fuel and 2, 7 million barrels of liquefied petroleum gas

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