The Super Mario Bros Movie to Debut on Peacock with Exclusive Bonus Features

The Super Mario Bros Movie Coming to Peacock

The Super Mario Bros Movie will make its subscription streaming debut on Peacock next month, on August 3. Peacock, owned by NBCUniversal, has announced that the film will be accompanied by bonus features including cast interviews, a ‘lyrical video’ for Bowser’s song Peaches, and a Super Mario Bros Movie Field Guide which adds interactive features throughout the film.

Exclusive Access to Universal, DreamWorks and Illumination Films

In July 2021, it was announced that Peacock would have exclusive access to all Universal, DreamWorks, and Illumination films during the ‘pay one’ window. This window is the period after a film leaves cinemas and is added to subscription streaming platforms or TV channels. Peacock will have exclusive rights to The Super Mario Bros Movie for the first four months, followed by a 10-month period where other streaming services like Netflix or HBO Max may offer it. Finally, Peacock will have exclusive rights again for the last four months.

Possible Availability Outside of the US

While it’s not yet clear which services outside of the US will get The Super Mario Bros Movie, it is likely that NowTV in the UK, which offers Peacock TV shows on demand, may be the first to have it. This is due to Sky’s close relationship with NBCUniversal.

Success of The Super Mario Bros Movie

The Super Mario Bros Movie has been a huge success since its release in early April, grossing over $1.34 billion at the global box office. It is now the second highest-grossing animated film ever, surpassing Frozen ($1.28 billion) and trailing only Frozen II ($1.45 billion).

Positive Impact on Nintendo’s Games Business

Nintendo’s president, Shuntaro Furukawa, stated during a quarterly earnings call in May that the movie has had a positive impact on the company’s core games business. Sales of Mario-related merchandise have been growing, and there has been increased activity for classic Mario titles that can be played through Nintendo Switch Online. Nintendo believes the movie will attract new fans to Mario and Nintendo, as well as reignite the interest of previous players.

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