The support of two billion . and the “elite” is a quantum leap for Saudi sport around the world

The unprecedented support for Saudi sports, specifically the various games, amounted to two billion and six hundred million riyals, through the “strategy to support the federations and elite athletes” according to a plan that would make a historical and qualitative leap for these games. In the past, federations have struggled to manage their finances, with budget modest and timid, today a clear vision is to build new generations of athletes in various individual and team games, capable of global competition.

“Al-Madina” interviewed the views of specialists on this strategy and its role in creating a new future for Saudi sport, in light of the generous offer of the management, to open new and broad horizons for Saudi sport, provided that these games are productive, gold reapers and successes, especially at the Olympics and world championships.

Dr. Al-Shehri: a quantum leap for the development of sport

Dr. Musharraf Al-Shehri, President of the Karate Federation, defined the strategy of support for sports federations as historic and represents a qualitative step in the path of development and rebirth of Saudi sport, explaining that what has been mentioned in this initiative helps develop all local federations and compete with each other to achieve results locally and globally.

Al-Shehri added: “We know there is a wise leadership vision to achieve the highest level of awareness among the people of the country of the importance of sport and champion production and to focus on global champions.”

We have seen the huge and unprecedented financial support, which is the strongest from the Ministry of Sports and the Olympic Committee.

The head of the Karate Federation quoted what the football team offers, saying: “We have seen how the level of Saudi football has developed through the team, which is now on the verge of qualifying for the World Cup. in Qatar, thanks to the unlimited support, and also what was achieved at the Tokyo Olympics with the presence of numerous athletes and competitions.

He explained that this support reflects a sustainable vision of the crown prince – may God protect him – to develop the quality of life, increase employment opportunities, support the national economy and attract investors through sport and its development.

Dr. Al-Aqili: Increased competition

Dr. Adel Al-Aqili, President of the Saudi Squash Federation, expressed his happiness with this support from wise leadership, and this support was and continues to this day for all athletes and for all club at all levels.

He continued, that support for the federations was carried out in different ways, and now it will be according to an unprecedented strategy to increase the demand for sports, increase its quality and improve the levels of the various games to reach the world.

He explained that we have benefited from the various workshops under the auspices of the Olympic Committee, and now it will have a direct impact on increasing the competitive value of all games, in squash in particular, and on the spread of the game between males and females and on the competition between them.

Al Hizam: a new constitution

Former Saudi Jumping World Champion Asim Al-Hazam felt that this unprecedented support established good laws and a constitution to motivate the various federations and create a special competition to achieve results.

He added that in the past two years, athletics have started to spread in dramatically, since the number of club it was around 50, but has now reached over 60 club. He added that the Athletics Federation lacks the number of runners, compared to other countries, as the number of track and field athletes in the Kingdom cannot exceed 2,000 and this support helps to increase the number of runners.

Generosity: unprecedented motivation

International track and field athlete Abdullah Al-Joud appreciated the support of our rational government, led by the Keeper of the Two Holy Mosques, His Highness the Crown Prince and the Minister of Sports, through the strategy announced by His Highness the Minister. of Sport, and hoped that this support would produce results.

He pointed out that Saudi Arabia is experiencing a big boom in sports field, and the support reached all sports, unlike in the past, which was in favor of football.

Al-Joud stressed that young people and athletes have the opportunity to invest this support, to be champions and to take advantage of the next world championships, to prove their worth. He reiterated that this support is a real catalyst for all sports in our country, and will transfer our sport in a global position, especially in the world of athletics.

Ibn Yameen: the harvest at the Olympics

The general supervisor of the various games of the Al-Ittihad Club, Khalid bin Yamin, thanked our rational government for this continued support for the sport of the country, stressing that this support helps the federations and club to realize the desired strategies and ambitious goals. He added, among these objectives is access to participation and international results, in particularly at the Olympic Games.

And Ibn Yameen indicated that this strategy greatly contributes to instilling the spirit of competition and championships in the hearts of players from childhood, which is what major countries in the field of sport rely on. Ibn Yameen drew attention to the fact that we will see the fruits of this strategy in the next period through the great development of the programs and objectives of the federations, in an attempt by each federation to benefit from this support.

Other: Wait for a paradigm shift

Abdullah Al-Mazyed, member of the Saudi Federation of Degrees, expressed his great admiration for the growth and prosperity achieved in various fields, especially at a sporting level, saying: “From here, I extend my thanks to the Keeper of the Two Holy Mosques and to His Highness the Hereditary Prince for the generous and great support to sport and athletes, as well as to the Minister of Sport who leads the pyramid”. The athlete has great ambitions and added that the draft of the federations support strategy is the result of scientific studies and research to know the main objective of these initiatives, programs and strategies, for which the Ministry of Sport and the Committee Saudi Olympic thank you.

Continued, the support program of the club promises a qualitative change for the various federations and games in increasing the number of players and achieving future results.

He explained, perhaps the launch of elite athlete support is the goal in sponsoring distinguished athletes in the various games and is a complement to the federation’s support program and to be honest this was a dream and a wish for many. .

Al-Mazyed felt that the most important aspect of this support is that it will increase the number of practitioners in community service through sport and take care of them.Based on this movement, there will be Olympic champions and a development in the games. who were absent due to lack of support.

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