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The Supreme Court has asked to overturn the ruling that freed Bill Cosby


Prosecutors have called on the US Supreme Court to review a decision who overturned the conviction for sexual violence of comedian and actor Bill Cosby, arguing that the ruling was based on a questionable pact of non-accusation.

Petition submitted on Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele asked the court to take another look at the ruling that freed Cosby on Monday. in June, the Associated Press reported. While a judge had accepted that Cosby was immune from prosecution in based on an agreement made in exchange for testimony in a previous civil lawsuit, Steele put in doubt the legitimacy of the deal and insisted that Cosby could be charged after all.

The only proof of the alleged no-trial agreement is a 2005 press release from then Montgomery County District Attorney Bruce Castor, who he noticed he hadn’t prove enough to blame Cosby in that moment. However, Castor has created some ambiguity with the statement, like him added That his office wanted “Reconsider this decision should the need to show up,” a passage that has been disputed for years as lawyers on both.

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Bill Cosby accused of rape in new lawsuit for sexual assault, months after being released from prison

While the Pennsylvania Supreme Court eventually agreed that Cosby was immune from prosecution and should have never been proven, Steele insisted that Castor’s press release should not be treated as an immunity agreement, and it would be set a troubling precedent if accepted as tale.

“This decision as it stands, it will have far-reaching negative consequences beyond Montgomery County and Pennsylvania. The United States Supreme Court can right what we deem serious wrong” Steele said.

The DA’s attempt to re-launch the case is likely to be face a climb battle, as the Supreme Court admits less than 1% of all applications submitted, according to the AP.

Cosby, now 84, was among the first doomed celebrities of one sex crime during the ‘#MeToo’ campaign, who saw a number of big names in Hollywood accused of sexual assault or misconduct, some in followed accused. While he continues to deny all wrongdoing, he was found guilty of drug and harassing a college sports administrator, Andrea Constand, in 2018, before being released last June, by then he had served nearly three years of a 10-year phrase. Cosby is legal problems it did not end there, however, as it was quoted in judgment from another accuser of sexual assault just months after his release from prison, a case still today in course.

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