The survival of the Somali environment minister from the bombing has shaken Mogadishu

The Somali environment minister survived the explosions that rocked the Somali capital on Sunday evening, heard near the presidential palace.

Initial reports indicate that the attack targeted a hotel near the palace where senior officials, including ministers and parliamentarians, are staying.

Somali Minister of State for Environment and Climate Adam Hirsi tweeted on his Twitter account, saying, “I’m fine. I survived a terrorist attack that targeted my place of residence, Hotel Villa Ruiz.” .

Heavy gunfire was heard at the site, which is also the home of Minister for Religious Endowments Mukhtar Robo Ali.

And those explosions are a serious breach in the safety net of the presidential palace and its environs, according to observers.

On Saturday, dozens of terrorists were killed in a military operation conducted by the Somali Army in collaboration with local forces and international partners in southern Somalia.

Somalia’s Deputy Information Minister Abd al-Rahman Yusuf al-Adala told a news conference on Saturday that a planned attack killed 100 members of the Al-Shabaab terrorist movement.

The attack targeted, according to Al-Adalah, a place where more than 200 members of the Al-Shabaab movement were present, including 12 leaders.

The Somali Army has recently stepped up its operations against the Al-Shabaab terrorist movement, e in just three days of operations led to the killing of more than 160 terrorists, according to separate official figures.

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