The Taliban advance and the fighting for control of the Panjshir valley intensifies

Today, Sunday, the leader of the Afghan resistance in Panjshir Ahmed Masoud accepted the proposal of the Ulema Council to dialogue with the Taliban.

“We are ready to stop the fighting and dialogue with the Ulema Council on condition that the Taliban withdraw from Panjshir,” said Ahmed Masoud.

And the Taliban announced on Sunday that it had captured the Panjshir province governor’s headquarters and other government facilities there, pointing out that clashes were taking place in the center of the state in the city of Pazark.

Previously, it was reported by Afghanistan With renewed clashes between the Taliban and opposition forces loyal to Ahmed Masoud for control of the Panjshir valley, north of the capital Kabul, while the Taliban announced that the new government formed by the movement in Afghanistan, It will be next week.

The progress of the Taliban fighters in the Panjshir valley, while the elements of the Afghan resistance against their ability to expel the militants of the movement, but analysts have warned that the opposition forces are facing difficulties.

According to the Italian relief agency “Emergency”, which runs a hospital in Panjshir, the Taliban forces have reached the village of “Anaba”, where the agency runs a surgical center.

“Anaba” is located about 25 kilometers north inside the valley, which is 115 kilometers long, but unconfirmed reports indicate that the Taliban have also captured other areas.

On Sunday, Bill Roggio, chief editor of the US-based Long War Journal, said the situation remained “foggy for fighters” amid unconfirmed reports that the Taliban have captured several areas, but the situation “looks bad.”

Each party indicates that it has inflicted significant losses on the other.

The Taliban advance and the fighting for control of the Panjshir valley intensifies

Taliban elements

“The Taliban army has gained experience in 20 years of war and there is no doubt that the Taliban trained as an army, “Roggio said Sunday, adding that” victory is unlikely “for the resistance forces in Panjshir.

He stressed that “the Taliban army obtained enormous quantities of weapons and ammunition after the American withdrawal and the collapse of the Afghan National Army”.

A spokesman for the Afghan Resistance Front said that Taliban elements managed to reach the “Darband” heights on the border between the provinces of Kapisa and Panjshir, but were rejected, stressing that the Afghan opposition forces will continue to defend the region.

While a Taliban source said that the advance of the elements of the movement towards Panjshir was slowed down due to mines planted on the road leading to the capital, Bazark, and to the provincial governor’s compound.

Ahmed Masoud with his gunmen in the Panjshir province

Ahmed Masoud with his gunmen in the Panjshir province

While Panjshir, the last Afghan province, has stood firm in the face of the militant movement, and according to “Reuters”, both sides have claimed to control the affairs of Panjshir, but are not in able to provide prove conclusive to substantiate these allegations.

The Taliban were not in able to control Panjshir during their previous rule in Afghanistan, from 1996 to 2001.

According to Taliban spokesman Bilal Karimi, the movement managed to capture the districts of Khanj and Annaba, giving its forces the ability to control 4 of the 7 districts of the province.

For its part, the Afghan National Resistance Front claimed that it surrounded “thousands of terrorists” in the “Khawak Pass” and that the Taliban abandoned their vehicles and equipment in thearea of “Dashti Rawak”.

Front spokesman Fahim Dashti said “violent clashes” continue in the area.

In a post on Facebook, front leader Ahmed Masoud said Panjshir “continues to be strong” against the movement.

Massoud praised the “honorable sisters”, referring to the women’s demonstrations that took place in the western city of Herat, calling for the rights of women, who according to him have shown that Afghans will not give up their demands for justice and “that they fear no threats. “

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