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The Taliban continue the violence against women . the repression of a demonstration in Kabul


The women’s protests have not stopped since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan in mid-August, the latest of which was a demonstration calling for justice and freedom, before violently confronting elements of the movement.

A demonstration by women calling for an end to oppression of women and preventing them from studying and working in the capital Kabul on Sunday was subjected to violence by the Taliban, who used tear gas to disperse protesters.

This demonstration came after the Taliban government published guidelines for women’s clothing and imposed new restrictions on them, which was met with a woman’s refusal.

constant worry

Interestingly, despite the movement’s promises and reassurances after taking control of the country last August, concern has many Afghan women.

A few days ago the Taliban prevented women from practicing certain sports, according to some owners of club sportsmen.

Since its takeover of the Afghan capital, many questions have been raised about the Taliban’s attitude towards the rights of women and women in the country, especially after opening schools and universities only for males, and then for all, provided that females and males be separated.


It also asked some employees of public institutions to remain in their homes, and these measures raised the concern of thousands of Afghan women, as well as the condemnation of international human rights organizations.

It is reported that during the first Taliban government from 1996 to 2001, women were in largely excluded from public life and rarely were in able to leave their homes.

They have also been deprived of education and travel, as well as working in most jobs and in the public and private sectors.

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