The Taliban deny the presence of al-Qaeda in Afghanistan

Taliban spokesman Muhammad Suhail Shaheen confirmed on Saturday that the movement promised Doha during the Afghan negotiations that it would not allow any fund-raising center, training center or recruiting center for al-Qaeda elements to exist. .

He said the movement would never allow Afghan territory to be used against any other country, citing Pakistan’s Geo News TV.

Shaheen said the reports on the presence of al-Qaeda in Afghanistan does not reflect reality on the ground.

He referred to countries that provide the United Nations and the Security Council with information and figures “false”on the number of elements of al-Qaeda.

He stressed that the movement emphasizes the role of security forces and intelligence activity in imposing its policy.

On Friday, the head of Britain’s domestic intelligence agency said the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan “encouraged and encouraged” extremists and could lead to a resumption of plots to launch major al-Qaeda attacks on the country. ‘West.

Mi5 Director General Ken McCallum said the UK could face “greater risks” due to the withdrawal of NATO forces and the overthrow of the internationally supported Afghan government.

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