The Taliban dispersed a protest in Kabul by fire against Pakistan

On Tuesday, for the second consecutive day, the Afghan capital witnessed demonstrations calling for an independent government. At least three demonstrations were organized in all of Kabul, in a sign of opposition to the policy of the Taliban.

Protesters also launched slogans against Pakistan, accused of supporting the Taliban movement in general. The crowd raised banners and chanted slogans to express their dissatisfaction with the security situation and to ask for permission to travel freely.

While it was reported that elements of the movement shot at the protesters to disperse them, according to what was reported by the Agence France-Presse, adding that the movement fired in air to disperse dozens of protesters.

Some Taliban elements also beat the demonstrators with batons.

Remarkable female presence

This came after around 70 people, mostly women, gathered in front of the Pakistani embassy in Kabul, carrying banners and chanting slogans against what they described as interference from Islamabad given Pakistan’s historical report. with movement.

The visit by Pakistani intelligence chief, General Fayez Hamid, to Kabul last Saturday raised a number of questions, especially as some Afghans have accused Pakistan of supporting the Taliban for years.

Interestingly, the Afghan capital also witnessed demonstrations yesterday in response to the appeal of the leader of the National Resistance Front, Ahmed Masoud, to the revolt against the movement that took control of much of the Panjshir valley in the east of the country yesterday.

On Saturday, dozens of women also demonstrated in a protest march in Kabul, carrying banners calling for women’s rights and their participation in the government and high-ranking state officials, but the Taliban violently confronted them and prevented them from heading to the presidential palace.

While it was reported that the movement’s fighters used metal chains to disperse the women, which the Taliban later denied.

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