The Taliban have executed 22 Afghan commandos

The Afghan Ministry of Defense confirmed to Fox News that Taliban fighters were on Tuesday in in the northern province of Faryab shot 22 Afghan commandos in a mass execution. The ammunition of the Special Force elements was exhausted during their fight with the militants, which led to surrender.

She said that die aggravated movement urged them to remove their bulletproof jackets during the surrender and then shot 22 soldiers, including the son of a senior Afghan general. And websites reported that an unconfirmed video of the incident was circulating on the internet.

Commandos attempted during a separate attack on an Afghan convoy in Humvees on Tuesday to take down a wounded police officer captured by the Taliban.

The violence comes just days after Pentagon press secretary John Kirby called the Taliban’s advance “worrying” on June 9 when the US military withdrew its troops after 20 years.



85% of the territory of Afghanistan

Government officials denied die Claim by the Taliban that they had 85% of the territory at the time in Controlling Afghanistan, saying this was part of a propaganda campaign.

The command also said in its July 6 update that US Central Command estimates the US military has completed more than 90% of the withdrawal process.

It also described the Foundation’s Long War Journal for Defense of Democracies (FDD) die Security situation in Afghanistan as “rapidly deteriorating” and noted that die Taliban in the six days until July 5th fast Controlled 10% of the entire land. .

Overall control die Taliban, according to IDD estimates, 195 out of 407 districts in Afghanistan.

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