The Taliban issue a decree banning the forced marriage of girls

The Taliban issued a decree on Friday banning the forced marriage of women in the war-torn country. in what appeared to be a move to address the criteria developed countries see as a precondition for recognizing their government and restoring aid.

The move heralded by the supreme leader of the Taliban, Mullah Hebatullah Akhundzada, came as poverty grew in Afghanistan, after the religious armed group’s takeover in August prompted US and international forces to pull out and foreign governments to cut funding that had been a pillar of the economy.

The decree stated: “It should Equal (men and women)“No one can force a woman to marry under duress or pressure.” Almost isolated women.

Forced marriage is becoming more common in the poor and conservative country, with IDPs marrying their young daughters in exchange for a dowry that can be used to pay off debts and feed their families.

The decree announced on Friday did not mention the minimum age for marriage, which in previously it had been set at 16 years.

treated as property

Women in Afghanistan have been treated like royalty for decades – as a compromise for bloody money problems or to end tribal feuds or feuds. The Taliban now say it is against the practice. They also said that a widow would now be allowed to remarry 17 weeks after her husband’s death and to freely choose her new husband.

Ancient tribal traditions made it customary for a widow to marry one of her husband’s brothers, or a relative in case of his death.

The Taliban leadership claims to have instructed the Afghan courts to treat women in fair way, in widows in particular in seeking inheritance, as relatives. The group also says it has asked government ministers to raise awareness of women’s rights among the population.

Friday’s announcement comes as thousands of girls 7th to 12th are still banned from school and most women are being prevented from returning to work since the Taliban took power.

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