The Taliban postpone the announcement of their government .. and these are the main names

The Taliban movement again postponed the announcement of its government on Saturday, which could give its formation an idea of ​​the coming years. in Afghanistan, which has almost completely fallen into the hands of the movement, 20 years after the entry of US forces.

Almost three weeks after the militant movement returns to power, the government is still waiting in Kabul, where people live according to expectations, as in the case of the international community.

While two Taliban sources told AFP that no announcements would be made today regarding the next government, after it was expected to be revealed yesterday after Friday prayers.

The protagonists

As for the names circulating, Taliban sources have revealed in earlier to Reuters that Abdul Ghani Baradar, one of the founders of the movement, will lead the new government.

With the participation of Sher Muhammad Abbas Stanikzai and Muhammad Yaqoub, the guide will be Haibatullah Akhundzadeh, the supreme leader of the movement, whose role is centered on religious affairs and the government of the country within the framework of Sharia, according to the sources cited.

Here are some details on those personalities who will occupy key positions in the next government:

Hibatullah Akhundzadeh

The movement’s supreme leader, a law professor out of public view, took over the leadership of the Taliban after his predecessor, Mullah Akhtar Mansour, was killed in a US drone attack in 2016.

He was also, according to the United Nations, at the head of the rigid judicial system imposed by the Taliban when they ruled Afghanistan between 1996 and 2001.

After his appointment as leader of the Taliban, Akhundzada moved cautiously to unify the movement, scrambling his senior officials in an effort to consolidate his power, end internal divisions, and stop members’ defection from the movement and their union. with rival groups such as ISIS.

The Taliban postpone the announcement of their government .. and these are the main names

Hebatullah Akhundzada, the leader of the Taliban (AFP)

One of his sons made a suicide attack in an Afghan army base and was killed in Helmand in 2017.

However, the shadow-loving man has not made public statements since Kabul fell under the movement.

Abdul Ghani Bardar

As for Baradar, he was once a close friend of the movement’s first founder, Mullah Muhammad Omar, who chose for him the nickname “Bardar”, which means “brother”.

He was the deputy defense minister during the country’s former Taliban government. However, following the overthrow of the movement’s government, he served, according to a UN memorandum, as a senior military commander responsible for the attacks on coalition forces.

He was arrested and imprisoned in Pakistan in 2010.

He was then released in 2018 to head the Taliban political office in Doha and become one of the most prominent figures in the talks of pace with the United States.

The second man of the Taliban movement, mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar (Archive - Afp)

The second man of the Taliban movement, mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar (Archive – Afp)

Sher Muhammed Abbas Stanikzai

Stanikzai, who was Baradar’s deputy in Doha, received a military education in India and graduated in 1982.

According to what his classmates confirmed, he enjoyed walking and swimming in the Ganges, and showed no inclination to severity.

FROM confirmed. Chaturvedi, a major general in the Indian army in retirement who was a classmate of Stanikzai, “we saw no sign of him embracing extremist ideas.”

Sher Muhammed Abbas Stanikzai

Sher Muhammed Abbas Stanikzai

In turn, another classmate, who refused to be named, indicated that he was an ordinary student who blended well with Indian scholars.

Upon graduation, he participated in the Soviet-Afghan War and served as Deputy Foreign Minister in the first Taliban government.

Then Stanikzai, who speaks fluent English, helped establish the movement’s political office in Doha and was one of the movement’s main envoys to diplomats and media foreigners.

Mohammed Yacoub

As for Muhammad Yaqoub, he is the son of Mullah Muhammad Omar, the founder of the movement.

He initially tried to succeed his father in 2015. But he emerged angry in a meeting of the movement’s council that appointed Mullah Akhtar Mansour as its leader.

But he eventually reconciled with the leadership and was appointed Akhundzadeh’s deputy after Mansour’s death.

He is still in his early forties and does not have the long combat experience that distinguishes the main field commanders in the movement, but enjoys the loyalty of part of the movement in Kandahar due to the prestige of his father’s name.

Father of Muhammad Yaqoub Mullah Omar (Reuters)

Father of Muhammad Yaqoub Mullah Omar (Reuters)

Last year he was appointed head of the Taliban Military Committee, which oversees all military operations in Afghanistan.

Although some Western analysts consider him a relatively moderate, Taliban leaders said he was among the movement’s leaders who pressed for a military campaign in cities in the weeks before Kabul’s fall.

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