The Taliban vow to build a regular army and prevent civil war

The “Taliban” movement announced that it had begun preparing for the establishment of Regular army in the country. Qari Fasihuddin, who served as army chief of staff in the Taliban government, said they are in consultations on the construction of the army began, adding that the army will be established in the near future.

The Taliban leader stressed the need to train the armed forces to protect Afghanistan, pledging to fight anyone who faces the Taliban and those who try to drag the country. in a civil war.

The Taliban promised in the February 2020 Doha agreement with the United States that Afghanistan would never again host international terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda.

Afghan officials have accused the Haqqani network for years of facilitating deadly attacks on civilians by providing technical assistance to the local ISIS branch and access to criminal networks in Kabul, even though ISIS and the main Taliban movement are staunch enemies. These include a militant attack in a maternity ward in Kabul in May 2020 that killed 24 people, mostly women and children.

At the airport, Badri Unit 313, an elite Taliban unit, plays a particularly important role. They are among the best-trained and best-equipped forces operating inside Afghanistan, and the Taliban have released footage of their fighters guarding the airport, wearing sophisticated tactical gear.

The movement seized large quantities of US light and heavy weapons, equipment and military vehicles, following Washington’s decision to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan, which paved the way for the return of the Taliban and very quickly.

Between 2002 and 2017, the United States supplied weapons to Afghanistan, estimated in 28 billion dollars.

A US official told Reuters that the Taliban likely controls more than 2,000 US armored vehicles and up to 40 aircraft, including helicopters and drones.

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