The Telltale Batman Shadows Edition is now available on Xbox One


  • The Telltale Batman Shadows Edition brings you back to a darker, darker version of Gotham
  • Color tones and powerful light paint a new picture of classic stories
  • Experience some of the most amazing Batman stories ever told

The treacherous Batman Shadows Edition is a darker version of the original two seasons of Batman: The Telltale Series. Rare pops of color accentuate a universe dipped in black and white and create a grimmer version of Gotham that’s ready to be experienced.

We’re excited to get out of the dark and bring The Telltale Batman Shadows Edition to Xbox One.

Treacherous games are based on great stories. When we decided to create a “noir” version of the games, the first discussions centered around whether the games should only be played in black and white or whether the elements should remain in color. We decided that some colors would allow us not only to highlight certain visceral moments, but to tell the story through color in a way that the original game couldn’t.

Shadows Edition is not the work of a rapidly applied desaturation post process. A small group of old and new Telltale artists commissioned thousands of textures, lights, and VFX elements to develop a new way of experiencing Telltale’s interpretation of Batman history. This allowed us to carefully choose which elements of the game should be colored to highlight the story and the themes.

The goal was to create a stylized interpretation of Batman: The Telltale series, which respected the creative work of the original developers, but also led their vision into a new area that corresponds to the tone and world of Batman. Of course, players can choose to experience Bruce Wayne’s tumultuous city of Gotham in “black and white” or in its original colorful state.

Joker’s development is one of the greatest moments when color can tell the story of a man who delves into insanity. Early on, before Joker adorns the scene, you see Arkham, light purple and green, suggesting that something sinister is waiting for him inside. The full development of Joker takes place in both seasons. When you first meet him, only his eyes and hair are in color. However, if you make progress and he approaches insanity, different versions will be given small splashes of color. In the end, the clown prince of crime is almost in color, his madness has infected himself and the universe around him.

In contrast, Batman and Bruce Wayne are in black and white all the time. While the bad guys wear crazy colors that match their personality, Batman remains Gotham’s dark guardian. Its unchanged colors connect it to the city it protects.

If you loved the originals or are new to the series, embark on a darker journey into the heart of Gotham The treacherous Batman Shadows Edition, It’s a world full of sinister villains and heroes who have difficulty crossing the border. Do you have what it takes to wear the bat’s coat, rise up against a city and face the ultimate conflict with the Joker?

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