The tie in Algeria is not a failure!

The Algerian national team drew away from home against Burkina Faso in the second round of the World Cup qualifiers, following different reactions in the media and media circles, accustomed to great performances and victories, and some described it as a failure, although it was obtained against a esteemed Burkina Faso team, at the start of a difficult season for some players who seemed tired and lacking in physical readiness due to early season conditions and lack of competition for many players, such as Mbolhi, Belamri, Belaili, Feghouli, Ben Nasser and even Riyad Mahrez and Baghdad Bounedjah, but enthusiasm was present on the pitch, allowing him to get a draw and continue the streak without losses in three years, thus preserving his full chance of qualifying for the World Cup in Qatar, which remains a primary goal for Jamal Belmadi, in qualifying for the World Cup, nor on the morale of the players who believe in their ability to win the last few games and ensure the leadership of the group to reach the play-off to qualify for the World Cup. Hard to imagine without the African champion, the Algerian team, which has become one of the strongest teams in the world, with its brilliant individuality, high spirit and game identity made by a coach who meets local and international acclaim as a big difference in a team for which the draw away from home was a milestone celebrated by the masses and by media first For some, it transforms in one moment in a failure, raises doubts and reduces the chances of qualification for the World Cup. The Algerian team could have killed the match in the first half if they managed to score the chances created, but the exhaustion and the return of the Burkina Faso team at the beginning the second half caused her problems. so that the Algerian elements realize that the specificities of African football require in first and foremost physical alertness and good concentration, and that maintaining the format and the high level requires continuous attention from the players who are called to take their responsibilities and maintain fitness and physical abilities during the summer holidays in first, especially after we noticed neglect on the part of some and delay in returning to the training atmosphere with theirs club, especially those who are active in Arabian leagues, such as as Blaili, Bounedjah and Bellamri, who made up for the lack of competition with his required grit in such competitions.Some Algerian fans on the social they were not satisfied with the performance of some players, and perhaps they were not convinced of the draw, but they have not lost confidence in their team, which will be better in November when they receive the direct opponent on the qualifying card is the national team of Burkina Faso in Algeria, and Djamel Belmadi knows this well and realizes that overthrowing his team has become the goal of all African teams as the African champion and one of the best teams in the world in the last period, and that doesn’t mean it’s complete and he lacks nothing, and needs nothing else From work, effort, concentration and correcting individual and collective errors that appear in strong matches against strong African teams, which in turn have the qualifications and ingredients that allow them to beat the Algerian national team. media they have to face professionally to keep the morale of the players standing by their side in difficult circumstances, especially in World Cup qualifiers, whose matches remain difficult even if the levels vary, because victory is obtained on the field and not necessarily for the best in theory and on paper, and qualification for the World Cup passes through difficult games that lead to a playoff match in which the Algerian team faces one of the ten strongest teams on the continent in March 2022. Getting used to winning the ball is nice, but patience when a draw is better, especially since the Algerian team played to win as usual, but this time it was not appreciated, and the day will come in which will inevitably be lost, which requires some details and details that make the difference in the ball from without returning in discussion or reconsider everything. Algerian journalist

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