The Tik Tok girl who occupied Egypt. Your lawyer reveals an important development

After her fall in Egypt’s that Excited public opinion, Hussein Bagar, Haneen Hosam’s lawyer, the famous Tik Tok girl, revealed surprises, that could lead them to their innocence.

Bakar gave in Statements to “Al” announced that the verdict in the case in Hanin was punished for human trafficking could soon change.

He also clarified that due to several legal considerations, that played in their favor can obtain an acquittal, especially since the verdict in Absence has occurred. He added that Hanin had been acquitted of other allegations related to the case, that to Violation of the rules, customs, values ​​, and principles related to Egyptian society, noting that Elements of the crime of human trafficking, for die imprisonment, is not available.

“Crime Evidence Not Available”

He stated that Elements of human trafficking Exploitation of the weakness or poverty of the victims or their sexual exploitation for money include that in this case is not available.

He also clarified that the girl had not been proven to have sexually exploited someone, forced them into prostitution, offered them money in return for body trafficking, or exploited a child in order to force them into sex or selling.

Attorney Hussein Bagar
Attorney Hussein Bagar

Imprisonment and fine

The Cairo Criminal Court had the girl sentenced to 10 years in prison and fined £200,000 for trafficking and exploiting children under 18, filming videos, against public modesty, and publication in social networks imposed websites.

The verdict also included Mawaddah Al-Adham, a girl who was sentenced to 6 years in prison.

Notably, the Hanin and Mawaddah case became public in March 2020 after the Attorney General Monitored claims by the pioneers of social networks to investigate them based on video clips that have been published on their accounts.

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