The title of “federal professor” for Mauritanian chess player Abdel Rahim

Nouakchott – “Al Quds Al Arabi”: Mauritanian chess player Mohamed Abdel Rahim Al-Talib Mohamed won the title of Federal Master (FM), after participating in the World Chess Olympics in India in 2022. On his Facebook page, the Arab Chess Federation congratulated him on obtaining the title of “Professor”. The Great “was awarded to the Mauritanian player Mohamed Abdel Rahim Al-Talib Mohamed, as well as the Palestinian national team player Bahaa Masouda, the Kuwaiti national team player Abdul Rahman Al-Ibrahim, the Saudi national team player Ahmak Al-Rahili and the player of the Libyan national team Naji Abu Qanda. And Mohamed Abdel Rahim, the student Mohamed, is the first Mauritanian to obtain the degree and title of international master seniorthe highest rank in the world of chess, after being the first Mauritanian in absolute to win a sports gold medal, and he is one of the most important young players in the game of chess at African and Arab level.