The Top 4 3D Printed Toys For Kids

The Top 4 3D Printed Toys For Kids

When new innovations are created, they often have many applications. 3D printing is one such invention. It can be used in the aviation and construction industries as well as for clothing and jewelry production. 3D creations are now regularly appearing in the fields of education and healthcare, and the food and car industries.

Children can also enjoy the products of 3D printers. They can be anything from spinning tops to cube puzzles. Whether it’s a plastic car or animal, game or musical instrument there is bound to be something of interest. It may be that you have begun 3D printing yourself, or are wondering which products would entertain your child. If that’s the case, you are about to discover four of the top toys they may enjoy.

1. Surprise Eggs

Kinder eggs are a chocolate sweet containing a plastic gift. You eat the shell once the plastic egg (containing a surprise) has been removed. Stian Ervik Wahvag has created a number of printed toys to go inside similar eggs. One example is a Jet Fighter. It’s also possible to use this technology to create Tiny Haul Trucks, Tiny Fire Trucks, Tiny Wheel Loaders, Tiny Excavators, and Tiny Fork Lift Trucks. Even Minecraft eggs have become a reality for fans of the computer game.

Excitingly, it’s not only the adults who can do 3D printing. For instance, Mattel has created ‘Thing Maker’ which is specifically designed for children to use. If you decide to create miniatures for tabletop games, a reliable resin printer would be the most suitable option. There are some high-quality versions available that can create miniatures at a budget price. It’s worth going online to discover the product reviews (including details of their pros and cons) before you make your purchase.

2. Plastic Figures and Animals

3D printers are great for producing small figurines. They can be exciting for any child who loves comic book superheroes and action figures. There’s a classic skeleton minifig you can make in the style of Lego. One person has created a complex octopus toy that features moveable limbs – all eight of them! You can also print off a 3D printed Tarsier, which is the plastic version of a cute tree-climbing primate with huge eyes. You’ll find the real thing in Southeastern Asia, but the plastic versions are now appearing in many childrens’ playrooms.

One person has created a mechanical polar bear. Not only is it great to view as a 3D product, but it’s also a wind-up toy. If you like Pangolins (mammals that resemble small dinosaurs) you can also produce Articulate Pangolin toys. Alternatively, you could go for a Flexi Raptor Dinosaur figure.

3D Printer for Kids

3. Items of Technology

Many kids enjoy science from a young age, whether it’s the loud roar of a racing car or the speed of a jet plane. A plastic glider or printable chopper may be an exciting addition to your child’s collection. 3D printed robots do more than looking good on a toy shelf. For a start, you can often move their limbs. One individual has created a quadruped robot containing eight servo motors. It uses Arduino technology to help it move around.

If your child loves Star Wars, why not consider a 3D-printed AT-AT walker? It will be as quirky as it is enduring. You may remember the Back To The Future films, featuring the Delorean car that travels back and forth through time. It’s possible to create this timeless (pardon the pun) item too.

4. General Games

If your child wants a challenge that will keep them occupied for hours, why not print off a Modular Puzzle Maze? You can also produce a Dr. Brain Breaker 3D Printed Puzzle or a Millenium Puzzle. Perhaps you remember the Rubix Cube. Well, you can now create your own Fidget Cubes! There’s also the Gordian’s Knot Puzzle and the 3D Puzzle called Death Valley.

For something different, it’s also possible to purchase a game called The Calamari Kid or a Desktop Bowling Set. Lovers of Spirograph can buy something that creates geometric shapes. You may also remember the spring that ‘walks downstairs.’ If your child would enjoy something similar, you could get the 3D Printed Springo. A plastic catapult can also be created, but make sure it’s used safely!

As you can see, the sky’s the limit these days with 3D printing technology. Whether it’s surprise eggs or plastic characters, technology or games no child will fail to find something of interest. A child can make many things themselves, and have hours of fun with their creations.

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