The Top 5 Best SG 553 Skins

Give your CS:GO Terrorist assault rifle a fresh and outstanding new look in 2022. We have selected five affordable options for an aesthetic makeover. Destroy enemies in style!

  • SG 553 | Colony IV

    This design from the 2019 Shattered Web Collection is dominated by shades of orange, yellow, red, and black. The pattern, which looks like a lava stream, is complemented by a curved gray and blue line and an image of a mutated ant. It is one of the most eye-catching SG553 skins in 2022. The magazine and the handle feature images of human heads in gas masks.

    SG 553 - Colony IV

    This skin can be found in all conditions, but all of them have abrasions. At maximum wear levels, they are quite deep. The starting price for this skin on DMarket is $1.79.

  • SG 553 | Tiger Moth

    This skin from the Revolver Case Collection first appeared in 2015. It is more colorful than Colony IV, as the orange, beige and black pattern covers a larger area. It imitates the wings of a tiger moth. The insect is also painted on the handle.

    SG 553 - Tiger Moth

    All conditions are available, but you will not see any traces of wear until the Field-Tested stage. Gradually, abrasions will appear and grow, while the patina will get thicker. The lowest price on DMarket is $0.60, which lets you save almost 30%.

  • SG 553 | Aloha

    The Clutch Collection, which included this skin, was added to CS:GO in 2018. This is one of the cheapest designs available. Its name refers to a Hawaiian greeting, and the pattern imitates hibiscus flowers — the symbol of the islands. The color palette includes shades of blue and purple.

    SG 553 - Aloha

    All conditions are available. Abrasions on the magazine and buttstock start developing at the Field-Tested stage and the paint gradually peels off. On DMarket, the skin is sold for only $0.06!

  • SG 553 | Integrale

    One of the highlights of the 2018 Inferno Collection, this look for the SG 553 is one of the most colorful ones. A pattern of blue waves adorns the white body of the rifle. Some parts, including the handguard, are painted red. The design also features fake brand names like Ric Oil.

    SG 553 - Integrale

    All conditions are available. As the skin ages, abrasions, which first appear in the Field-Tested condition, deepen, while the paint gets darker. The skin is more expensive, but still very affordable — from $16.41 on DMarket.

  • SG 553 | Pulse

    This skin was added to the Phoenix Collection in 2014. The geometric pattern on the black background shows triangles of different sizes. The palette includes different shades of purple and pink.

    SG 553 - Pulse

    Unlike other skins on our list, this look is not available in Factory New condition. As it ages, parts of the rifle become increasingly abrased. On DMarket, the starting price is just $0.70.

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