The toxin has just entered Marvel’s next symbiote war

ATTENTION: the following contains important spoilers for Extreme carnage: riot, available now from Marvel Comics.

Since when events of king in Black, the world was shaken by the damage done by Knull’s invasion, and everything Eddie Brock can do as the new God of the symbiote is trying to do up for it. However, not everything of the symbionts are thrilled on their latest regent, in particular Carnage, who And moving knock on Eddie off of his throne. But in Extreme Carnage: Riot – by Alyssa Wong, Fran Galan, Jim Campbell and Ariana Maher from VC – just proved that there are some symbionts ready to take on the deranged villain, including a classic Carnage’s figure past.

Since when did he come back from what? should it was a water grave, Carnage clawed his way up the food chain. After taking control of a powerful politician, the evil symbiote has gained public support and approval as an army builds of symbionts, including those that once belonged to of the Vita Foundation. Not even Scream could resist Carnage’s siren call, leading Andi Benton to burn his symbiote. Fortunately, the remains of Scream and a portion of the Anti-Venom symbiote managed to reunite with I went to create a brand new symbiote called Silence.

Own the ability to cut off other symbionts off from the hive with little more of a touch, Silence has the potential to be a deadly weapon against Carnage. Reaching the hive mind, Silence encounters another symbiote that both Andi and The Flash have experience with, Toxin.

The child of Carnage, the toxin was introduced in of 2004 Poison vs Carnage #2 (by Peter Milligan and Clayton Crain) and was immediately subjected to a ferocious attempt on his life from way of its only one parent. Thankfully Venom was there to stop Carnage from killing his offspring, and for most of the Toxin is lived up to the heroic expectations of his grandfather.

Like many other symbionts, Toxin’s first the host died, but the symbiote was able to find another person to bond with with. It’s not really clear how Toxin found his new guest, a young a man named Bren Waters, but the two took in sympathy one another. Bren has already fought alongside his symbiote against Alchemax’s improved Guards, and now it seems like The toxin will be soon face off against an even greater enemy, even if it is unknown if it has the same advantage that Silence has.

No longer being connected to the hive has made to trace Carnage impossible for Silence, but it is also makes her invisible to him. Assuming the presence of Toxin in the void carries the same implications, Bren would . also not be detectable by Carnage and his army.

Regardless of whether Flash and Andi are willing to introduce a baby into theirs or not battle it’s still up for debate, though Bren might insist on to be involved. We hope others can show he the ropes before him in Too far over his head, or at least protect him from madness of Carnage.

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