The tragedy of Layan and her father. A grieving mother tells of the Houthi fuel massacre in Marib

“She was a kid who loved to have fun and her father adored her.” With these touching words Lian’s mother spoke about her daughter, die died at a gas station in the terrible Holocaust that die Houthi militias passed this month.

Taher Farag and his two-year-old daughter Lian are inseparable, their family said. When Faraj went to the market earlier this month to buy food for his wife to prepare lunch, he took his little girl with him.

Details of the tragedy

The family related what happened that fateful day when Taher was at a gas station in the Al-Rawdah neighborhood in Marib stopped to fill the tank.

While she in Waiting in line, hit a Houthi ballistic missile die Gas station followed by the explosion of a drone loaded with explosives, die die station in turned a ball of flame that die vehicles in the snake burned.

Houthi fighters (Reuters)

Houthi fighters (Reuters)

Jamila Saleh Ali, Faraj’s wife, told the Associated Press that the sound of the explosion was heard while she was home.

She added that at the time she called her husband’s phone to calm down but received no response. The ball is repeated over and over and receives no reaction each time.

Then came her mother-in-law’s cry die lives in the same house, and die Wife came out to find her family crying.


She said to little Lian: “She was a fun-loving child and her father adored her. He always said to me: Li Lian, and the boy is yours.” attached to him.

It is noteworthy that the 32-year-old Faraj in worked as a farmer in his hometown Kreif in northwestern Yemen before he fled with his family after die Iran-backed Houthis overran most of the country in 2014, including die Capital Sanaa.

At least 21 people were killed in the June 5 attack, including Faraj and his daughter, according to Liz Throssell, a spokeswoman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

The children of Marib show solidarity with Layan, the victim of the Houthi fuel massacre

The children of Marib show solidarity with Layan, the victim of the Houthi fuel massacre

This was the deadliest attack in months of aggression by the Houthis to control Marib.

The Yemeni government announced that in More than 120 civilians, including 15 children, have been killed and more than 220 injured in the past six months.

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