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The transport of a patient is transformed in a disaster 4 dead in ambulance

The process of transporting an injured person in an hospital in India has transformed itself from a normal routine task in a humanitarian disaster due to the weather conditions and the rush of the driver.

A videotape, recorded by a surveillance camera, showed moments of the tragic accident in the southwestern Indian state of Karnataka. 4 people died in the accident, including 3 people who were on board the ambulance (one patient and two carers), the employee of the facility.

The ambulance was traveling very fast, forcing the guards of a security checkpoint to remove the metal barriers placed on the road, in preparation for its passage, but during that period it slipped due to the wet road, due to the heavy rain that fell on thearea. While the first employee managed to avoid theauto in run, the other failed despite trying to escape. According to press reports, the employees went to remove the barriers after the sirens ordered them to be removed. The impact of the horrific collision hit the surveillance camera, which vibrated and also changed its color in red due to the severity of the impact.


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