The Troublesome Impact of Water Leaks on the EV Industry

Inficon, a Swiss equipment supplier, has been using its leak detection technology to detect air and toxic chemical leaks in various equipment, including air conditioners and refrigeration units, for many years. The company is now using its technology to detect leaks in electric vehicle (EV) batteries. This move comes as the auto industry looks for ways to prevent water from entering EV batteries, which could cause failure. Inficon’s solution involves pumping helium into the battery packs, after which robotic sensors detect any escaping gas. The company believes its technology will be easy to introduce to new factory sites rather than existing ones, and it is advising automakers to ensure that leak tests fit specific EV applications. Furthermore, the Society of Automotive Engineers has yet to issue any precise industry guidelines on how leaks should be controlled, as this is still a relatively new aspect of EV battery assembly.