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The Tunisian coach asks for respect for his choices of players participating in the World Cup

Tunisia: The coach of the Tunisian national team, Jalal Al-Qadri, has asked that his “beliefs” be respected in the selection of qualified players to participate in the Qatar 2022 World Cup, in light of the great controversy over the final ranking that will be revealed on the 14th. November. On the platforms media and among the supporters of the Premier League teams on social is in a public debate was held on Al-Qadri’s choices. After the pressure of public opinion and of media, Al-Qadri was forced to reveal the name of the team’s first goalkeeper, Ayman Dahmane, the Sfaxien goalkeeper, and of the second, Al-Bashir bin Said, the Monastir Union goalkeeper, while leaving the door open regarding the third goalkeeper with the possibility of a fourth goalkeeper. Al-Qadri said in a post on his Facebook page: “The list of players cannot include more than 26 players. Therefore, whatever the choices, there will always be different reactions, as some believe that the choices are appropriate, while others oppose some names.” added: “The best example in this is what happened with the young goalkeeper Sedki Dabashi, the 23-year-old who remains the son of the national team and is at the beginning of the journey, and I will not go back to some details. linked to his preparations and at the beginning of the season with his Tunisian sports team, Esperance. “Al-Dabashi was not invited to retire the national team in Saudi Arabia, which started yesterday and will continue until the 13th of this month. Al-Qadri explained: “I assure that we respect all teams and that the team needs everyone and that the door of the team remains open to all its children. The choices of the national team coach are always subject to certain convictions. I hope that everyone respect them and good luck to all players. ” Tunisia play in Group D alongside France, Denmark and Australia. (Dpa)


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