The Tunisian judiciary prevents Ghannouchi from traveling

A judicial source in Tunisia confirmed on Friday the issuing of a decision banning the head of the Islamic Movement Ennahda and the dissolved president of parliament, Rashid Ghannouchi, from traveling.

The judicial source specified that the decision was issued by the Aryan Tribunal against Ghannouchi and some others involved in the investigation in a case relating to a parallel security apparatus.

The case was known as the movement’s “secret apparatus” when it led the government after the 2011 elections.

Left opposition parties accuse Ennahda of secretly managing this apparatus, infiltrating state agencies and getting involved in political killings, which the movement denies.

Movement leaders said the party was unaware of a travel ban decision.

“Rached Ghannouchi is free and at the moment he hasn’t in plan to travel, until after the coup has fallen, “said Maher Madhyoub, head of the media in the office of the presidency of the dissolved parliament.