The Tunisian president dismisses the Minister of Commerce and the governor of Sfax

On Friday, Tunisian President Kais Said dismissed the Minister of Commerce and the governor of Sfax, the country’s second city, amid economic crisis and strong political divisions.

Al-Rabihi bint Hamza, who was appointed minister of trade and export development in November 2021, is the first member of Naglaa Boden’s cabinet to be ousted by Saeed.

Saeed also decided to “terminate the duties of the governor of Sfax, Fakher al-Fakhfakh”, whom he had appointed in June 2022.

Sfax, a large industrial city in central-eastern Tunisia with one million inhabitants, has seen demonstrations against the accumulation of waste in the streets and on the sidewalks since 2021, which threatens public health.

These two layoffs come in a context of political tension, as the country has seen deep divisions since Saeed decided to monopolize power on 25 July 2021, and subsequently appointed a new government, amended the 2014 constitution and approved new parliamentary elections at the end of the year.

Tunisia suffered a new shock with the war in Ukraine, which led to an increase in the prices of grain and oil, who cares in large quantities.

The political and financial crises of recent months have led to a shortage of some basic products, milk, sugar, rice and coffee, and to a drop in purchasing power due to accelerating inflation (about 10% in one year in December).