The Tunisian president renews his warning against the overthrow of the state

Tunisian President Kais Saied has warned of attempts by some to overthrow the state, but stressed that those who do so are delusional and that their place is the garbage cans. This occurred during his meeting with Environment Minister Laila Al-Sheikhawi, according to the Tunisian channel “Nessma”, which indicated that the meeting took place in Carthage Palace. During the meeting, Saeed instructed Sheikhawi to take immediate steps to end what he called an “environmental disaster” in Sfax, in cooperation with the responsible authorities.
Said warned of the means used by some to inflame the situation in the country, noting that the accumulation of rubbish in Sfax has created an additional environmental problem which has aggravated the environmental situation in Sfax. The Tunisian president underlined the unity of the country, emphasizing that the independence enjoyed by some local groups does not affect the unity of Tunisia, and that all must be equal in pursuing public interests.