The Tunisian team beat their UAE counterpart and qualified together for the quarter-finals of the Arabian Cup

Doha: the Tunisian team beat their Emirati counterpart 1-0, today, Monday, in the third round of the Arab Football Cup Group Two competitions, qualifying the two teams together for the quarter-finals of the tournament. The Tunisian team has raised its score to six points in lead the group, outclassing its Emirati counterpart with the same balance in second place, and the victory of the Tunisian team came in the interest of the two teams to qualify together for the next round of the second group, which also includes teams from Mauritania and Syria, where the Mauritanian team won 1/2 in the match that brought them together today. Seif El-Din Jaziri scored the only goal of the match for the Tunisian team in the tenth minute of the match. The match began with great seriousness and pressure from the Tunisian team, which wanted to compensate for the defeat in the last round against the Syrian counterpart, while the Emirati team seemed to feel the pressure of the opponent. In the 10th minute, the initial pressure from the Tunisian team led to scoring the goal of progress through his striker, Seif Al-Din Al-Jaziri, who followed a more than wonderful individual effort for his colleague Youssef Al-Masakni at the inside of the rigor of the Emirates area, where is it quest’last penetrated more than one defender besides the goalkeeper, to reach the feet of Al-Jaziri, who put the ball into the goals of UAE goalkeeper Khaled Issa. The Tunisian team continued the pressure and Khaled Issa saved a powerful shot from Seif El-Din Al-Jaziri inside thearea penalty in the 26th minute. The UAE’s attack did not interfere in the long halves of the first half to relieve pressure from the defense, and striker Sebastian Tigali did not appear in many periods because it was closely monitored by the Tunisian defense. The rest of the first half saw nothing new, so the referee whistled the last word, with Tunisia in 1-0 lead. With the start of the second half, Tunisian pressure continued on the Emirati goal in an attempt to score the second goal. In the 56th minute, Al Jaziri directed a header towards the Emirati goal, but goalkeeper Khaled Issa grabbed the ball firmly. The pressure continued, and Ferjani Sassi headed a header that went over the UAE crossbar in the 77th minute. The Tunisian team continued to put pressure on the opponent, who did not launch many attacks at the door of Tunisia, and it seemed that the UAE team was pleased with the result. The remainder of the second half saw nothing new, so the referee whistled the last word with Tunisia’s 1-0 win over the Emirates. (Dpa)

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