The Turkish opposition leader criticizes Erdogan’s previous policy towards Egypt

The head of the Republican People’s Party of the Turkish opposition, Kemal Kılıçdarolu, criticized die Recent policy of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government during a speech by the Turkish opposition leader in front of his party’s parliamentary bloc today, Tuesday.

Kılıçdarolu stressed that die The government cannot change its policies however it wants, even if it is elected by the people, adding, “The government rules the state, but not how it wants you to be held accountable for every penny you spend on the people to be pulled. Accountability means respect for die Nation. Political administration, die governing the state must avoid waste. “

He continued: “In respected countries there are no 13 planes for die Person at the head of the state, 13 aircraft mean die Usurping rights of millions “, based on die Number of presidential planes.

Kılıçdarolu mentioned the death of the Turkish army in Idlib last year, accused the Turkish President of destabilizing Turkey’s image from the outside, adding: “You are the President of the Republic of Turkey, we have 33 martyrs, die were bombed by Russia, then you go to Russia and wait for Putin at his door and then you say you did die Turkey deserves consideration. “

He added, “Why did you create problems with Egypt? It should be with Egypt. I say clearly: you have die Republic of Turkey stolen. The republic was robbed by a handful of people. “

In relation to die Decision by President Erdogan, die To withdraw Turkey from the “Istanbul Agreement” to protect women from violence, Kilicdaroglu stated that the agreement would return and “die Dictatorship will go away “. He continued,” This dictator will go and the Istanbul Agreement will return and no one should worry. “

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