The Turkish opposition renews its call for early elections

Turkey welcomed the new year with the announcement by the government today, Saturday, of an increase in electricity prices with tariffs ranging between 50 and 100% for both domestic and commercial use, and also announced a new increase in monthly natural gas bills, in coinciding with the squandering of the profits of the Turkish lira last week, which it made against foreign exchange.

Sources close to Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, head of the People’s Republican Party, the main opposition party in Turkey, revealed that “rising electricity and gas prices will be the focus of our parliamentary sessions to be held after the end of the withdrawal year.”

A senior official of the Republican People’s Party, which opposes the ruling Justice and Development Party, accused its leader, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, of punishing the Turkish people at the beginning of the new year by announcing his government to raise electricity and gas prices again.

The Turkish opposition renews its call for early elections
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Gursal Tekin, deputy in the Turkish parliament of the opposition party, said: “The prices of various energy materials from electricity to gas are in increase and Turkey has already entered the new year with an increase in the prices of electricity, gas and fuel, even if one in 5 subscribers pays their bills on time, we therefore ask the president to put himself in the shoes of a father who has three children and works alone for the minimum wage. ‘

The well-known parliamentarian added to “Al”that” citizens will have to pay the increase in the minimum wage for 2022, announced before the new year, indirectly by paying their electricity and natural gas bills after having raised their prices, which in fact leads to an increase in costs in various sectors, in addition to high rates of inflation.

He continued: “Value added tax on electricity and natural gas bills should be abolished, at least during the winter season”, underlining that “electricity and gas should also be free for every family to the extent that needs, and for this the government must take urgent measures in favor of low-income people while they are tied to their consumption of electricity and heating materials.

He also renewed his party’s call for presidential and early parliamentary elections, stating that “holding such elections is the only via out of the country’s current crises “.

He also said: “If the elections are not held immediately, citizens will not have the opportunity to straighten their backs again,” adding: “The country must immediately hold early elections and a democratic agreement must be adopted urgently.”

The main opposition party is calling for early presidential and parliamentary elections ahead of those scheduled for June 2023.

This party’s call for early elections has the support of other opposition parties, including the pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party, as well as the “Future” and Democracy and Construction parties. The last two parties were founded by Ahmet Davutoglu and Ali Babacan after resigning from the Justice and Development Party.

But opposition parties cannot decide to hold early elections, as they can only be held by order of the Turkish president personally.

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