The Turkish voters reject it die Decision of the authorities to close a party

After the co-chair of the pro-Kurdish HDP, Medhat Sangar, confirmed days ago that die Lawsuit to shut down his party in the Turkish presidential palace was prepared, a recent public opinion poll found that die Majority of Kurdish voters in the south and east of Das Land rejects it die Closing the party and rejecting die Abolition of the membership of its representatives in parliament.

According to the information, around 71.8% of the residents of the Kurdish majority regions spoke out against it die Closing the HDP, while 33.5% of respondents die Removal of the membership of Umar Faruk Ghirlioglu from parliament viewed as a “coup against the political will” according to an opinion poll by the Center for Social and Political Research The field is between March 18 and 21 in the Turkish city of Diyarbakir in of southern Turkey.

“Not just a building”

These developments came at a time when HDP co-chair Medhat Sangar, in a statement on the sidelines of a party congress in Ankara on Sunday stated that die Deciding to graduate is a pointless effort, there die Party not just a party is building, and it is not limited to people, but a strong mindset and a future. Hell for die Turkey.

He also stressed that die Authorities die Failure to implement closure decision, which is an explicit admission of the fact that die Decision maker time in the authority comes to an end.

“No politics without paying the price”

It is noteworthy that the Turkish politician confirmed that die Lawsuit to close his party in the presidential palace was prepared, indicating that democratic politics in Turkey cannot be practiced without paying the price, stressing that the case against him was nothing more than a political case of revenge disguised as justice, according to him.

In a speech in Last week, he pointed out that his party had been subjected to persecution from its inception in order to shut it down, adding that die Government seeks to suppress society’s memory through lies. examples for this are die Arrest of former presidents Salahaddin Demirtaş and Vigen Yuxkdag and die Arrest of many MPs and thousands of executives. Members and mayors are still held as political hostages.

He also sent warning messages die Government and expressed that his party die Representing millions in the squares, and a decision cannot silence and emphasize his voice die Intention and determination die Road to be completed.

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