The UK economy grows 0.9% in November to offset the Corona losses

The UK economy grew 0.9% in November compared to October to offset all the losses suffered during the Corona pandemic and exceed its pre-pandemic size.

The size of the economy increased 0.7% above the February 2020 level before the intensification of the Corona crisis.

It has been estimated that the UK government closures due to the outbreak of the mutant Amicron and the move away from the hospitality sector would have a negative impact on the performance economic in the fourth quarter of 2021.

The UK economy grew slower than expected between July and September, before the outbreak of the Micron, which poses a further threat to recovery. quest’year.

Gross domestic product of the world’s fifth largest economy increased by 1.1% in the third quarter of the year, which is less than an initial growth estimate of 1.3%, due to the impact of supply chain problems global on manufacturing and construction companies.

This is in drop from a 5.4% growth rate in the second quarter of the year, the Office said for National Statistics, which accompanied the lifting of many lockdowns linked to the pandemic.

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