The UN report warns: Afghanistan is on the verge of mass poverty

The United Nations Special Envoy in Afghanistan, Deborah Lines, on Friday called for a rapid flow of funds in Afghanistan to prevent a complete collapse of the economy and social order.

The UN envoy warned the Security Council that freezing Afghan international assets and donor funds would lead to a severe economic downturn that would lead to millions of people at risk of starvation and could lead to a major wave of refugees, according to “Reuters”.

In turn, the director of the United Nations Development Program in the Asia-Pacific region said in a press conference that 72% of the Afghan population lives below the poverty line and that this percentage could reach 97% by the middle of next year.

He described the situation in Afghanistan as a witness to a collapse in development as well as humanitarian and economic crises.

At the same time, the United Nations Development Program stated, in a report released Thursday that Afghanistan is on the verge of “mass poverty” that could become a reality in the middle of next year, unless urgent efforts are made to support local communities. and their economies.

He said the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan jeopardized 20 years of steady economic gains.

The UN report warns: Afghanistan is on the verge of mass poverty

From an Afghan market

4 scenarios for Afghanistan

The United Nations Development Program has identified 4 scenarios for Afghanistan in the wake of the Taliban takeover, which indicate that the country’s gross domestic product will drop between 3.6% and 13.2% in the next fiscal year to starting June 2022, depending on the severity of the crisis and the extent of the world’s interaction with the Taliban.

That is in stark contrast to the expected 4% GDP growth before the Taliban took power for the second time on August 15.

“Afghanistan is facing in much global poverty by the middle of next year … that’s where we’re going: it (poverty rate) 97 to 98%, regardless of how these projections work. “

The poverty rate in Afghanistan is currently 72%.

from Afghanistan

from Afghanistan

Earnings threatened

The United Nations Development Program cited many of the development advances made over the past 20 years that are now in danger of being undone: per capita income has more than doubled; Life expectancy at birth increased by about nine years; The number of years of education went from 6 to 10, with hundreds of thousands of girls being denied education under former Taliban rule from 1996 to 2001.

Winaraja said Afghanistan is now facing a “humanitarian and development catastrophe” caused by political instability, frozen foreign exchange reserves, a collapsing public financial system and the “weakness of local banks as a result of this”, as well as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The United Nations Development Program said Afghanistan’s foreign reserves now cover only a week of imports, which the country relies heavily on for oil, food and machinery.

Abdullah Al-Dardari, UNDP representative in Afghanistan said that when the Taliban took power, “the Afghan population was already on the verge of economic and social collapse.”

He added that with global poverty on the horizon, the most important thing is to save livelihoods, which can also save lives.

He explained that UNDP has developed a community package to support livelihoods, support jobs for young men and women, and reach out to families with disabilities and men and women over the age of 65. The United Nations Development Program also wants to make sure it reaches 65,000 women-owned businesses in Afghanistan and that a million young men and women find work.

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