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The UN Security Council condemns the hijacking of the Rawabi ship by the Houthi militia


Today, Friday, the United Nations Security Council condemned the hijacking of the merchant ship “Rawabi” by the Houthi militia. The Security Council also stated that “the escalation of the attacks poses a threat to maritime security in the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea”.

In a statement adopted unanimously, the council called for the “immediate release of the ship” hijacked by the Houthis and its “crew” in early January, according to AFP diplomatic sources.

The declaration drawn up by the United Kingdom condemned the detention of the ship “Rawabi”. The statement, seen by the Agence France-Presse, added that the 15 members of the council ask “all parties to resolve the matter quickly” and stress “the importance of freedom of navigation in the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea. in compliance with international law. “

At the end of its statement, the Council urged “all parties to stop the escalation of the situation in Yemen and to cooperate in constructively with the United Nations Special Envoy for the resumption of inclusive political talks “.

The UAE representative to the United Nations said on Monday that the Rawabi ship, which was kidnapped by the Houthi militia, was carrying medical assistance, noting that it was carrying equipment for the field hospital on Socotra Island.

The Emirati representative said the Rawabi ship’s crew includes 11 people of different nationalities, demanding the immediate release of the ship and its crew.

In a letter from the UAE government to the Security Council, the UAE delegate said the hijacking of the “Rawabi” ship is not the first incident of the Houthis in the Red Sea, as the Houthi militia had intercepted and arrested at least 3 ships first.

He added that the Houthi militia targeted 13 commercial ships with boats and explosive mines, pointing out that Houthi piracy contradicts international law.

The UAE delegate stressed that the Houthi piracy raises real concerns about the freedom and safety of navigation and international trade in the Red Sea.

On January 3, the Coalition to Support Legittimacy in Yemen announced that a merchant ship had been violated and robbed by the Houthi militia off the Yemeni city of Hodeidah.

Coalition forces spokesman Brigadier General Turki Al-Maliki said in a statement that the ship was hijacked and hijacked at 11:57 pm on Sunday, January 2, 2022 as it sailed in front of Al Hudaydah governorate.

He also added that the ship was in naval mission from the island of Socotra to the port of Jizan, carrying on board all the field equipment for the operation of the Saudi field hospital on the island after the end of its mission and the establishment of a hospital on the island island.

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