The underwater volcano threatens the tsunami

Communications were disrupted in the kingdom of Tonga in the South Pacific after the eruption of an underwater volcano.

The eruption of Honga Tonga Honga Hapai volcano triggered a tsunami. THE media locals in the chain of islands reported tsunamis that engulfed the property, ash fell and telephone cables fell. New Zealand experienced a high tide. Tsunami warnings were issued after the volcano erupted in several parts of the Pacific, including Alaska, Hawaii, Japan, and Fiji. Information from Tonga has become scarce due to disruption of the phone and internet access, but there have been reports of floods destroying homes and buildings, loud explosions, clouds of smoke and lightning due to the volcano eruption. .

The Civil Protection Authority in Northland, north of New Zealand, confirmed that the boats sank in a harbor due to the tsunami waves. The authority added: “Daylight has confirmed the extent of the destruction observed in the port of Totokaka, which has brought bad news to numerous shipowners and the clearing works have already begun.”

“People in sea ​​or near the sea should exit the water, beaches and coastal areas and away from ports, rivers and estuaries, “said the National Emergency Management Agency of New Zealand, but would not require the evacuation of residents The authority added: “This is the largest eruption of the Honga Tonga Honga Hapai volcano so far and the eruption is still in course”.

Emily Lin, head of the water and atmosphere research program at the National Institute of New Zealand, said the eruption was “extremely intense”. He added: “The resulting shock wave could be clearly seen from satellite images and there have been reports of hearing the eruption. in distant places like New Zealand. ”The volcano is located about two thousand kilometers north-east of New Zealand.