The United Nations: 126 billion dollars in losses for Yemen in 6 years of war

The United Nations has estimated the losses suffered by Yemen in the last six years of the war About $ 126 billion of potential economic growth.

A new report from the United Nations Development Program paints a bleak picture in the case in which the conflict continues until 2022 and beyond. If the conflict continues into 2030, it is projected to lead to the lives of 1.3 million people by that year, explaining that a growing percentage of those deaths will not occur as a result of the fighting, but because of the secondary effects of the crisis on livelihoods, food prices and the deterioration of basic services such as health and education.

The report also predicts that 60 percent of deaths during the crisis were caused by these secondary factors, a percentage that is expected to rise to 75 percent by 2030 if the war continues.
The report, prepared by the Frederick S. Bardey Center for International Future of the American University of Denver, indicated that Yemen, which is currently among the poorest countries in the world, can end extreme poverty within a generation – that is, by 2047 – provided the devastating war stops right. now.

He explained that the achievement of the pace by January 2022, coupled with a global recovery process, can help Yemenis reverse deep poverty trends and help Yemen transition to middle income status by 2050, eliminating the extreme poverty it currently suffers from 15.6 million of people.

It also predicted the possibility of halving malnutrition by 2025, and the possibility of the country achieving economic growth of $ 450 billion by 2050. in an integrated scenario of pace and recovery.

UNDP administrator Achim Steiner said the report provides new insight into the world’s worst humanitarian and development crisis.

The report puts in highlights the less common and widespread impacts than the crisis in course in Yemen will continue to have on the key dimensions of development and well-being.

The crisis has already pushed another 4.9 million people to malnutrition and the report predicts that tale number rises to 9.2 million by 2030 if the war continues.

According to the report, within the same year, the number of people living in conditions of extreme poverty will rise to 22 million, or about 65 of the country’s population.

He pointed out that the pace it is the only viable way to put an end to suffering in Yemen, calling on national, regional and international stakeholders to adopt a global and cross-sectoral recovery process that includes the whole of Yemeni society.

The report highlighted the need for recovery support to go beyond infrastructure and to put people at the center of these efforts.

Yemen has witnessed an ongoing war that has been ignited by the Houthi militia since its coup against legitimate authority in late 2014, with Iranian backing, which caused the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, according to the United Nations. .

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