The United Nations Envoy in Afghanistan accuses the Taliban of carrying out murders

The United Nations envoy in Afghanistan, Deborah Lyons, told the Security Council Thursday that the Taliban have been carrying out revenge-motivated killings since taking power, despite promises of amnesty.

“We are concerned that, despite numerous amnesty declarations for employees (of the Afghan security forces) and for those who worked as civil servants, there have been credible allegations of revenge killings of members (of the security forces) and detentions. of officials who have worked in previous administrations, “he added.

From an economic point of view, the special envoy of the United Nations in Afghanistan said there is an urgent need for a rapid flow of funds to the country “to prevent a complete collapse of the economy and social order”.

Lyons warned the UN Security Council that freezing Afghan international assets and donor funds would trigger “a severe economic downturn that could throw millions more into poverty and hunger.”

An EU spokesperson on Thursday expressed EU concern after the Taliban appointed an interim government in Afghanistan.

The spokesperson said in a statement that the Taliban-appointed government “does not live up to the promises declared by the movement regarding the need for an inclusive government that reflects Afghanistan’s political, religious and ethnic diversity.”

He stressed that “the formation of an inclusive government is an essential component of a stable and peaceful Afghanistan. It is also one standard fundamental to the EU commitment “.

“The European Union expects tale inclusion and representation in the future composition of the government “, added the spokesperson.

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