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The United Nations Envoy in Sudan: Our mission is to provide advice, not solutions


The United Nations Mission in Sudan said consultations will begin today, Monday, with the aim of starting direct negotiations to resolve the political crisis in the country.

United Nations Representative Volker Peretz said today in a press conference in Khartoum that the initial talks, which will begin later today, will require wide-ranging individual consultations aimed at moving on to a second phase of direct or indirect negotiations between the various parties.

“We want to move quickly – he added -. We will start this afternoon with the first group of civil society. We will speak daily with many interested parties”.

He added that it would be difficult to set a timetable for the start of negotiations. “Time is precious, we know. There is a lot of pressure on the situation in Sudan and about us, “he added.

As Peretz said, “I hope these consultations become a confidence-building measure and will at least help reduce violence.”

Peretz also found on Monday that the continuation of the “excessive use of force” in Sudan must cease immediately and there must be an urgent investigation into the violence.

Peretz added that “the time has come to put an end to the violence in Sudan and to start a global consultative process “. He warned that the loss of confidence was” worsening day by day ” in Sudan, stating that previous attempts have failed to fill the gaps in this context.

He also said that “everyone agrees that the transition phase has faced great challenges. It is time to put an end to the violence and start a global consultative process”, since “the persistence of the current situation threatens the country”, stressing that the mission consult “individually first” with the groups to form an agenda for the talks to take place in followed with all parties.

He continued: “We could reach a consensus if everyone sat down to a round table.” He also stressed that the United Nations “has not elaborated any plans, drafts or visions of a solution and will not adopt a plan for any part”. “Our job is to provide advice, not solutions,” he said.

Peretz also indicated that “there is no objection” to the international initiative of the military establishment, but made it clear that the Communist Party and the National Congress rejected the dialogue initiative, which he said “found great international support” .

He also revealed that on Wednesday he will inform the Security Council and that there will be a meeting of the Group of Friends of Sudan after a week, expecting them to provide support for the UN initiative.

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