The United States begins secretly deporting immigrant families in central America

On Friday, US authorities began deporting a number of immigrant families on airplanes to Central America as part of an urgent system of deportation of people who entered US territory without permission via Mexico. Urgent deportations are a tactic used by Republican and Democratic administrations to try to dissuade immigrants from illegally crossing the border. And it arrives in one moment in where the number of these hackers is in increase.

The Department of Homeland Security stated in a statement that the families were returned to their countries of origin, including Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras, but did not say how many were deported. “Expedited deportations are a legal way to manage insecure our borders and a step towards achieving our broader goal of safe and orderly immigration procedures, “he added. Officials said in July that the number of migrants stopped by US authorities illegally crossing the Mexican border is increased by 4.5% in June, despite expectations of a drop in the hot summer. The southern border of the United States attracted the record of a number of immigrants, during the Covid epidemic, and after Central America was hit by a series of devastating storms. Republican lawmakers have criticized President Joe Biden for lifting immigration restrictions imposed by his predecessor, Donald Trump, including a “residence” policy. in Mexico “which forced thousands of Central American asylum seekers to stay south of the US border while their applications were processed.

Biden administration officials announced plans on Monday to use emergency deportation flights after a significant increase in the number of Central American families and legal non-residents. About a third of those arrested by US authorities in June were from Mexico, followed by three Central American countries representing the so-called northern triangle of Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. As for immigrants from South America, most of them came from Ecuador and Venezuela. The number of children who crossed the border without parents or guardians in June, and the US government promised to resettle them in the US instead of sending them back in Mexico has risen eight percent since May, to a total of 15,253, or more than 500 minors per day.

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