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The United States of America can destroy the unity of the West with one decision

Prominent American journalist Farid Zakaria wrote in The Washington Post that the protectionist economic policies of the administration of US President Joe Biden are destroying the unity of the West.

come in article European leaders are concerned about the extent to which the White House’s economic policy has shifted towards protectionism, which favors American goods and generously subsidizes its green technologies.

According to Zakaria, such measures violate the free trade rules that underlie the international order that Washington has been promoting since the late 1940s, as an American journalist points out that a prominent European official withdrew from a US-European summit, worried by the fact that the United The states of America, in his opinion, are indifferent to the concerns of the European bloc.

Zakaria continued: “Tensions will continue to rise because the suffering in Europe will only worsen, and in the face of natural gas prices that have risen sevenfold and electricity prices that are ten times higher than in the past two decades, many European companies are beginning to realize that they are simply unable to compete.”

The journalist believes that with the deterioration of the lives of ordinary Europeans and the transfer of local companies to the United States of America, tensions between Washington and Brussels will make it difficult for them to cooperate in confronting Russia.

Source: Washington Post


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